Volunteer Guidelines

Challenger Elementary Volunteer Guidelines

Qualifications to be a Volunteer:
You should have genuine interest in students, a professional commitment to your volunteer activity, regular attendance, if required. Volunteers must have a completed Volunteer Release Form on file. This includes chaperoning field trips.

ID Badges:
All volunteers must sign in and out at the Main Office. Make sure that you wear identification badges provided by the school while in the building. This is a safety issue for everyone.

As you work with the staff and students, information of a confidential matter may be discovered by you. The problems, abilities, relationships and confidence of student's parents and staff should never be discussed with anyone who does not have a professional right to know. Please respect the students and staffs privacy, like you would your own.

Being a Responsible Volunteer:
Volunteers are to work in the classroom in the presence of teachers. If there is a need to work elsewhere, the teacher must know where you are working. Please respect the authority of the teacher and the school administration. Students must understand the role of the teacher as the leader of the classroom. This can be more challenging if a parent's child is in the classroom where she/he is volunteering. It is important not to seek out your child (or vice versa) and to treat all children equally in your role as volunteer.

If a volunteer has concern or input about an activity or procedure used in the classroom, we ask that they speak privately with the teacher when students are not present. Remember, this is not time for private discussions or conferences with the teacher about your child.
Student discipline is the sole responsibility of the classroom teacher or staff member. It can put a volunteer in an untenable position to involve him/herself in disciplining a child in any fashion. If you observe student behavior that concerns you, you should inform the teacher or other available staff member.

Some teachers may not need volunteers and /or may not have used volunteers in the past. If this is the case, please consider volunteering in another area of the school!
We appreciate volunteer help with specific activities, rather than "just being there" for general support. Please do not just "drop by" to see if the teacher needs help. All volunteer activites must be prearranged.

Please be prompt and consistent. We know there will be times when you may be ill or unable to volunteer for good reason. However, please let the teacher know as far in advance as possible. Remember, the teacher will be expecting you on the days you are scheduled to volunteer and so will the students!

A ringing cell phone is very disruptive. If possible please leave it in the car or set it to the vibrate setting. Please do not carry on conversations on the cell phone while you are volunteering. If you need to speak on the phone, please, feel free to step to a private area or outside where your conversation can be private and not overheard by others.

Volunteers should not be stopping in classrooms and/or alternate locations to visit with their children (i.e. the cafeteria). Please respect this guideline, as we are dedicated to avoiding disruption to the learning experience.

The staff lounge is reserved for our teachers from 10:30-1:30. Volunteers are asked to not be in the lounge during these times.

Failure to abide by these policies may result in us letting you know that your services as a volunteer are no longer needed.

Your help and time is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for being an active member of the Challenger family.