Challenger Receives Grant to Promote Healthy Habits

Challenger Receives Grant to Promote Healthy Habits
Posted on 09/21/2017
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9/21/17 – Challenger Elementary School has been chosen as one of 51 schools across the state to participate in the 2017-2018 Blue Cross Blue Shield Building Healthy Communities program. The goal of the is to improve health and wellness through better nutrition and physical activity. Through the program, Challenger will receive new recess equipment, materials to teach healthy eating and physical activity lessons. The school will also create an after school Healthy Kids Club to promote physical activity and healthy eating, and create a Student Leadership team that will help create and promote fun activities focused on physical activity and healthy eating habits.

Since the Building Healthy Communities program was launched in 2009, it has shown a positive impact on the students who participate in it. On average students who participate in the program eat three to four cups of fruits and vegetables daily, increase they daily and weekly physical activity, reduce their screen time and increase their attention span in class.

“The Building Healthy Communities program has had a very positive impact on students at others schools. Those students are now eating healthy, increasing their physical activity and showing increased engagement at school. For these reasons, we are very excited to bring the Building Healthy Communities program to Challenger,” said David Cherry, Challenger Elementary principal.

About Building Healthy Communities

Building Healthy Communities is an evidence-based, comprehensive, school-wide initiative that supports children’s health by providing students, teachers, and administrators with tools and resources to improve student health while creating a healthier school environment. First launched by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in 2009, the program has since been embraced by more than 500 schools across the state, and has helped over 250,000 students develop better habits and live healthier lives.